Social Media

A young team of social media experts are on charge with the online communication on the social media platforms: Promotion online on social media platforms (Instagram, Instagram Story, Facebook and Messenger, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok);
 Social media strategy and audience on the social media platforms;
 Online content and copy writing text; Conversational calendar for each …

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LP Events

LP Events are the newest service provided by the LP Hospitality team, developed for both the local and international market. As you already know, we are present in Prague (Czech Republic) and we are continuing to grow.

Optimization of activity

A challenge for very many contractors, this service implies the setting of realistic goals, very well-defined, increasing business efficiency. The lowest cost is always targeted, as well as top quality manpower and a trustworthy team.  Is this goal realistic? We will help you find balance, be aware of how many things are required for a …

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Customer satisfaction management

If all the previous steps operate as they should, if things happen like you, the contractor, wish to happen, then the customer’s satisfaction will be the one you seek. This is why it is important that everything, in a business, should be of the highest standards, should be carried out professionally, so that you always …

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Staff recruitment

The team is a basic pillar in the success of a business, so it must stay united and it must be based on trust. For everyone to know exactly what they have to do, things must be established very clearly, from the beginning. Beside this well-organized plan, we will help you identify your employees’ profile, …

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Branding and development

Another essential element, connected to ”Marketing Strategies”, which is simply translated by ”impact”. The better conceived is the branding, the more efficient and creative, the more it will propel the business towards success. This is why it is important to achieve and conceive this step as thoroughly as possible.  The experience of LP Hospitality will have …

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Marketing strategies

This stage is important and is approached after the business goals are set, after we have formed an idea of the concept, of the menu, of employees’ profile, etc.  Advertising a business is therefore a key element when you launch on the market, but also when you already have a business, but you wish to …

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Mihai Popescu, co-owner of Fratelli Group, with a more than 20-year experience in design, directs his own creation workshop, Twins Studio – His projects are destined to public areas, exhibitions, bars and restaurants. He created all the concepts of Fratelli Group and he is able to provide the furniture. His workshop is highly significant in designing …

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The work you and your team are carrying out may be executed easier and more efficiently if you choose to use modern technological systems. They allow you to save time and effort, which will help you concentrate on other more important aspects of business, which will lead you to success.  The LP Hospitality team is …

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Menus and recipes

Our wide experience helps us welcome you with an impressive number of menus and of menu elements, either for independent restaurants and bars, or for national and international restaurant chains.  We are talking about ideas for basic menus, from the à-la-carte or the traditional Romanian service to offers for special events or for groups, without …

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Business Consultancy

A business involves concrete ideas and a well-organized plan. Whether you want to start a business or you want to take it from a certain point, but you need guidance in this, Liviu Popescu and the LP Hospitality team can help you.  Consultancy in this area involves a real evaluation of the business, solid, point-based …

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