I want to start a HoReCa business.
Should I speak with an expert?


When you want to build a house, you seek the advice of an architect, right? Or when you want to set up a business, it’s true that you need the advice of an accountant, don’t you? Also, for the interior design you discuss with a designer, or when you need to have a speech, you ask the help of a PR person and so on.

Without too many introductions, I say yes. It is very important to be able to have an overview of your business, to see the things realistically and objectively, which you alone may not succeed. Even if you seek the advice of your close friends, family or your business partner(s), an overview from the outside, especially when it comes from a professional in the field, is really important.

Think that this consultant can save you from other problems, questions, thoughts. He can help you, for example, by offering suggestions for certain suppliers you may need in developing the project. Such an expert will always have knowledge of everything that involves a business, so do not hesitate to have his recommendation. He looks at the business as a whole, knows what strengths or weaknesses you have and where it’s a must to come up with solutions. Talk with the specialists!