Tea House Restaurant, from Bran,
a comprehensive project, made by LP Hospitality

A project 100% managed by Liviu Popescu, Tea House Restaurant, open in March 2017, comes wrapped in a fabulous story, with a special design, in a dream scenery!

Situated right at the foot of Bran Castle, in the Royal Park, the place inspires history, nobility and refinement. Liviu Popescu wished that this space could offer more of its former atmosphere, so the project intended to preserve many elements of the Tea House. The design, for instance, is a fusion of past and present, with welcoming furniture, consisting in modern, cozy couches, wooden floors, but also ancient chairs. To this, add the chic chandeliers, a manually painted bar, tea pots like in the old noble lounges or hand-woven carpets. The stove in the Chimney Room, the Queens’ Bench or the flower pots on the terrace are only a few of the elements that give originality to the place, taking us back in time, in 1920.

The LP Hospitality team has given this project increased attention, as is happens with all of which the team is involved, and the focus for every little detail and the experience in entrepreneurship has helped us to associate it with the perfect professionalism. And the proof is that, in less than one year after its opening, Tea House Restaurant was nominated at Horeca Awards 2017, ”Best newly-open restaurant” section. A project developed with excellence and efficiency, successfully completed by the LP Hospitality team.