Cooking Course


Course start date: april 15

Course type: Qualification course

Minimum general preparation for enrollment in the qualification program:

  • Compulsory general education

Required documents:

  • Medical advice from the family doctor

Course duration:

  • Theoretical training: 240 hours
  • Pregătire practică: 480 hours

Course objectives:

  • Communication at work
  • Carrying out teamwork
  • Supply of raw materials and auxiliary workplace
  • Ensuring hygienic-sanitary conditions
  • Organizing the general framework for opening and closing the activity of the section
  • Prevention of environmental pollution
  • Preparation of specific documents
  • Preparing hot and cold entrees
  • Preparation of steaks
  • Preparing hot and cold snacks
  • Preparing meat dishes
  • Preparation of dishes from vegetables, rice, eggs, pasta
  • Preparation of liquid preparations
  • Preparation of sweets (desserts)
  • Preparation of ice funds
  • Preparation of fish and seafood dishes
  • Carrying out supervision and control actions
  • Making basic doughs
  • Making salads
  • Making sauces

Graduation exam:
The exam will be supported by a written test and a practical test.

Type of certificate obtained:
Authorized Chef Qualification Diploma

Course rate:
3000 lei / person.
Confirmation of participation in the course is made after paying the participation fee and signing the registration documents within the available places.