Excelency in hospitality

What is LPH Institute ?

LPH Institute is a hospitality platform that offers a wide range of training programs depending on the objectives of its clients and their business strategy.

Training programs are individual or group programs and aim to achieve the final objectives of those requesting them, always addressing themselves to a wide range of people. 

From those who interact with customers, service or product vendors, receptionists, barmen, waiters, to middle and top management (sales managers, general managers, area manager, restaurant manager, CEO) and entrepreneurs (coaching, mentoring, personal development programs).

LPH Institute Trainners:

Liviu Popescu

Business Development Specialist

Consultant and Trainer
for Hospitality & Food Industry

Mădălina Belous


Consultant for Quality,
Food Safety & Technology
Hospitality & Food Industry

Mihaela Gherghescu

Consultant & Trainer
ACCOR Grup Mediterane,
France & Africa

Hospitality & Food Industry

Ovidiu Malisevschi

Executive Chef
Trainer for Kitchen & Food Industry

Courses & Training Programs

Management &
Leadership Development

  • One on One Coaching
  • How to best Train the Trainer
  • Leading a team of individuals
  • Team development by improving autonomy
  • Manager ‘at hand’ tactics
  • Team management and productivity
  • Stress management in the workplace

Training Programs

  • Reception Hotel Reception staff
  • Valet
  • Housekeeping
  • Head Housekeeper – daily duties
  • Head Housekeeper – links with the overall hotel management team
  • Room Hygiene

Food and Beverage
Training Programs

  • The basics of service in the Restaurant
  • Organising the service
  • How to work in a Restaurant setting
  • Restaurant sales optimisation
  • Additional sales in both restaurant and bar
  • Guest welcome and relationship forging
  • Managing difficult situations with guest
  • Basics of team communication
  • HACCP in the Restaurant and Kitchen
  • Bartender
  • Waiter
  • Maitre D’

Hospitality carrier goals

Graduates of the courses offered by LPH Institute through the LP Hospitality platform benefit from both advanced knowledge in the field of hospitality and the opportunity to start and develop a career in this field.

The consulting company LP Hospitality has permanent ongoing contracts with renowned hotels and restaurants in the industry, offering graduates the opportunity to get a job even during training, the graduation diploma of the Institute being a national and international guarantee of professionalism and excellence.