About us

Liviu Popescu

LP Hospitality

The basic principles of LP Hospitality are professionalism and excellence. We define ourselves by our passion for creative concepts, for innovating business ideas and for our efficiency in finding the appropriate solutions in the critical situations that an entrepreneur may encounter in the development of its business. 

By our wide experience in the field, we are proving that we know exactly what we have to do, how we can build successful businesses or what resources we may use to help continue an already launched business, achieving the best results.

With a team of experts in the field

and with a clear and solid vision about HoReCa industry, LP Hospitality is able to turn an idea into a precise business plan, and helps its clients build a solid business, up to the smallest details. Because yes, details make the difference, and the importance given even to the smallest aspects of a business leads to success in the entrepreneurial field.

For more than 20 years,

the key to a successful business is held by Liviu Popescu, a contractor who has proven that he is also a professional of the higher standards, co-owner of ”Fratelli” Group and, at the same time, the vice-president of HORA – Organization of Hotel and Restaurant Owners of Romania. His experience in the hospitality field has helped Liviu Popescu knows exactly what aspects must never be neglected in order to properly create a business, and to build a brand beautifully, creatively and strategically. 

Is it passion more than anything? It is vision? Hard work? Dedication? Step by step, you will come to realize that there is not only one, but several cumulated factors that make a business successful.

Everything begins with an idea,

as it happened with Liviu Popescu who, in 2005, together with his twin brother, Mihai, and another 2 friends, opened their first bar, ”Fratelli Espresso Bar”. They intended it to be a nice place where to hang around with friends, with good music and a particular design, quality services, different from other similar pubs exiting on the market at that time. 

They did not need that much time to set the base for another Fratelli location: it took them only 6 months. And so on, every year, the Fratelli brand grew and became very famous in Horeca industry, with pubs both in Bucharest, and at the seaside or in other important cities of the country: Biutiful, Uanderful or Fratellini are only a few of the concepts that are part of this innovating brand.

Another successful project,

this time managed 100% by Liviu Popescu, was “Casa de ceai” Restaurant (Tea House), situated in Bran Castle courtyard. A place with a particular story, of a noble spirit, to which Liviu Popescu dedicated much of his time. The place preferred by Queen Maria, since 1920, where she would savor her tea, a place that no one knew anything about for a long time, has been completely restored in the spring of 2017 and turned by contractor Liviu Popescu into a noble restaurant, with an inter-war atmosphere.


This is one way by which the LP Hospitality team proves that passion, determination, entrepreneurial spirit and hard work are able to create a successful business. There are other key elements as well, but these will be provided by us through our experience. The services that we are offering imply, among other things, concept development elements, operational and managerial assistance, design, marketing strategies, branding and development, staff recruiting efficiency, success in the customer satisfaction process, contract management consulting, obtaining of authorizations and optimization of business activity.

It is important that you take your first steps with us, whether you wish to start a business from scratch, or you need our help at a critical moment of your already launched business. We will assess the situation, we will think the strategy, we will set our goals and we will start building together. 

This is the beginning of the road to success!