An international project, more precisely a Salad Box in Prague, a franchise in the implementation of which the LP Hospitality team has been involved right from the start, since October 2017, with an ongoing partnership.

For this project, our team makes sure, firstly, that after the opening of the place, all operational procedures are complied with. Particularly, we consider maintaining product quality, assessing sales and adapting the business to Prague market.

Here, we add another important aspect of our business strategy, namely to improve the marketing campaign carried out in the biggest mall in Prague, Chodov Shopping City, by identifying the strategic points, but also by creating mechanisms to increase the visibility of the place and to bring our product closer to the public. In order to achieve this, we opt for product sampling, flyer distribution, as well as connections to our partners in this mall (cross promotion).

Another key element which is technically holding the entire project together consists in its development manner. At this moment, our team gives this aspect maximum attention, and works in implementing the hot meal menu, which has not existed so far in the Salad Box concept. Our clients’ needs are essential for us, so we are still looking to adapt the best way that we can, with maximum efficiency, to what our target customers want.