The LP Hospitality team took over the project Ryan’s Irish Pub in a key point of its development. It used to be a functional pub, that needed a restart, given the fact that the business was taken over by a new owner, without experience in entrepreneurship.

Thus, the LP Hospitality team took over this project between June – July 2016, when it went through several essential stages in starting a business. The organizational chart, the employee regulations, the job description or the check lists, where every duty of every employee was established from the moment they started until they finished their shift, are some of the points that we achieved.

But our work has not ended here. We dealt even with the implementation of a new sale and management software, inserting products, prices and the necessary inventories. We also had an impact on the food menu – we included dishes, their prices and their recipes. And if we talk about the kitchen, we would like to remind the reconfiguration of this area, also achieved by us, purchasing the machines that were necessary for the good operation and development of the pub. For this purpose, we provided, for special prices, the best professional machine distributors. And we have not stopped here. Because the pub was not equipped with the necessary machines that the staff needed to use, the LP Hospitality team took care of this aspect as well, and it also hired a new chef.

At the same time, we provided the operational assistance for one month, from the moment we took over the project.