Fratelli Group, the chain of clubs and restaurants that have Liviu Popescu as co-owner, a very successful brand, developed in many years of work, which occupies a special place in the career of the businessman Liviu Popescu, and which represents the way by which he has developed as a successful contractor. 

By achieving this business chain, together with his partners, since 2005, Liviu Popescu has been learning, step by step, what impeccable professionalism means, as well as the excellence in carrying out and developing a business, hard work, team work and attention to the smallest details.

Using his vast experience in strategy and PR, acquired in his 10 years of work at “Le Club”, Liviu was then able to conquer, next to his partners, the top world of Romanian entrepreneurship, both in the capital city, and in the most important cities of Romania, by the 3-4 enterprises that he manages and by the 13-14 pubs that he owns, together with their franchises.

As a proof of his influence in the HoReCa field and of his qualities of true professional, Liviu Popescu is currently the vice-president of HORA (Organization of Hotel and Restaurant Owners of Romania). Fratelli Group includes pubs such as ”Biutiful”, ”Uanderful”, ”Fratellini”, ”Biutiful By The Lake”, ”Biutiful By The Sea” in Mamaia North or the ”Fratelli” clubs of Iași, Timișoara or Galați.