Carrefour Romania

Another project, developed by the LP Hospitality team, and successfully accomplished, was the the food court for Carrefour Romania, during 2016-2017. Our team made this for two locations in Bucharest, Baneasa Mall and Mega Mall, as well as for Brasov and Piatra Neamt. The Food Court is a new concept, a take away one, which means, in fact, the setting up of a coffee shop in Carrefour. Mihai Popescu, with more than 20 years of experience in design, has been involved in creating the project and everything that meant production and design.

In addition, this project meant also the involvement of the LP Hospitality team on staff and food. Thus, we provided the services of a professional cook with whom we worked on designing the menu, assuring the recipe of the dishes and their implementation, but also the training of the staff. The team ensured that the guidelines are fully respected and that this concept will be received very well by customers, so it can guarantee the success.