Olimpico Social Bar is another project in the portfolio of LP Hospitality, that our team was in charge with for one year, between 2016 – 2017.

The location lay-out and its concept were the first aspects taken into account, continuing with the menu concept and even making the menus – what dishes and beverages to be included, as well as their layout and recipes. Our involvement consisted in setting the price strategy as well – the ratio between the cost price and the sale price.

The same as with Ryan’s Irish Pub, our team set the organizational chart of employees of this location, establishing the business plan and acting in the staff recruitment area as well. We provided raw material suppliers and operational assistance and we took over the creation area, designing new event concepts.

Other key points bearing our signature were the social media area – making a post calendar – or the marketing area – with a well-defined strategy, developing the campaign by distributing flyers, posters and billboards.