Marketing strategies

This stage is important and is approached after the business goals are set, after we have formed an idea of the concept, of the menu, of employees’ profile, etc. 

Advertising a business is therefore a key element when you launch on the market, but also when you already have a business, but you wish to refresh it. It is a difficult, but important stage, which creates the road to success. 

This is why we, the LP Hospitality team, are here: to introduce to our clients all the situations that may occur, to analyze them, to find the most efficient solutions and to create the suitable context for a successful business. In this entire intercessory, we base ourselves on our vast experience, on professionalism and on precise ideas, adapted to the needs of the market.

Brand positioning, competition analysis, budget analysis, communication directions, marketing strategies, creative branding are only a few of the points that we are going to analyze, either when we talk about start-ups, or when we refer to projects requiring a brand-refresh.