The idea is the key.
That’s how a business starts

What’s the business idea, I ask you, the future entrepreneur. Have you thought of it?

Because everything starts from here, from an idea that, perhaps as simple or trivial at first, as surprising can become in the process. And I want to emphasize something very important, above all: do not start a business if you are not ready to support it for at least three months, if it doesn’t have the start that you expected.

All right then, let’s see. How do you choose this idea? Very hard to say. Why? Because it starts from your own observations, from certain thoughts or discussions. It can come from anywhere, at a meeting with friends in an evening like any other, or be inspired by a certain state or someone, as happened in the case of the first bar opened by me and Mihai, my twin brother.

And now, to be completely honest, the idea was not ours, but our wives. That’s how the Fratelli story began.

  1. In our 30s, our wives insisted on opening a small bar, because they wanted to run a business and have their own place to go out. This is how the first local, behind Athenaeum, appeared, our café, as we loved to call it. Three weeks later, our wives realized they couldn’t handle the bar on their own and left it in charge of mine and Mihai. From now on, we put our fingerprint on it. It was about us and what we like. We wanted that cafe to represent us: to be a place with rock music and where to have French croissants. And that’s what it was. Our clients were really in love with our place, proof that we kept it open every day from 8 AM to the last customer. And it went so well that we began to expand our business every year, with new ones.
  2. Now, we have 3, 4 companies and about 13, 14 businesses, taking in consideration the franchises too.

So, for us things happened naturally. From a desire of our wives, it was transformed into a place for us and extended to our friends, and later to the public.

Like I said. Everything starts from an idea. From a conjuncture. By chance, or not. From a desire, or maybe a need.

Let’s go back to my first question. What’s your business idea?